Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A little mommy and daughter Time!

Alexia went straight to the nail polish.She couldn't wait to pick a color.

Alexia was so excited to get her nails painted.

For Christmas I received a gift certificate to get my nails done.So I thought I would take Alexia.I hesitated for a minute thinking I could paint them for free and save five dollars. but I thought she would love it, and she did.So thank you Jenny for not just giving me a gift certificate but giving me time with my daughter, doing something we both love.

Happy Birthday Alexia and Noah

This year Alexia's And Noah's birthday was different.Let me explain...I have been wanting to get the kids Disneyland passes so a friend (Selina) said hey you should ask for money instead of gifts....what a great idea.!...So the invites had to be cute so I got the kids outfits and took them to Disneyland.We went up to the ticket line and looked at who would let us do what we wanted to do. We found a older guy and he was happy to help, but my camera died and I didn't know if I got a good picture so we had to do it again with Selina camera, but the older guy was gone...So we found this younger guy and when we explained what we wanted to do which was the kids were going to try and get in but they had no pass and they were going to look sad...This guy was so excited to do it ( a little to happy)he started fixing his hair, fixed his eye brows and put on his sun glasses it was a little funny.Well Noah was scared of him and he didn't want to do it so I gave him a nudge and Selina took the picture, And what a great picture it was....

.....At there party they got enough money to get passes....Thank you to everyone who came.

Sunday, December 14, 2008


tHIS IS such A Good Video!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

That Darn Dog

As professor looks outside the fence.The moment that the fence opens, he is gone. So the other day the kids were playing outside and Alexia tells me that Noah went out the gate, so I tell him to get inside he is time out.Then I just ask Alexia to come inside. So hours later My mom came over and she asked were is professor? I don't know outside I guess. Great! I look everywhere around the house for this darn dog. He is gone. It was like 3 hours ago when I asked the kids to come in. Great he has been wondering around for 3 hours. Man he is gone. So Joe got in his car and started looking for him, then I decided to go look too so I got in my car and went the other way. Block after block I call out his name. I saw people outside and asked them but no luck. Great. So I am driving and driving and I saw him in someones yard I called his name, and was cautious because he likes to run when we get close, like we are playing, I was in no mood to play catch!. So I walk up to him slowly and I think he was so scared he didn't move.!I drove him back home, the kids were so happy. That darn dog!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

First DAy on The JOb

Well I was suppose to work late afternoon near by, but the mom cancelled, I was bummed, but then my work called me and asked if I could work early Wednesday.So I jumped on it! So I woke up really early and took off.I was 30 minutes early!I guess I was a little too excited!so I knocked at the door and went in. "What do I do"I said all excited. The sister said nothing ! He just has to wait for his bus.WHAt? So I sat and talked to him a little since he couldnt talk, and he was really into the tv. So what did we do? We watched the Hills. NICE. 30 minutes later his bus came,to take him to school.What thats it? YUp! then his mom came like ten minutes later signed my time card and off I went.Worked 30 minutes and got paid for 2 hours. LOVE IT!I cant wait to work again.I know it cant all be this easy.

Monday, November 24, 2008

I Got A JOB!

So A while ago I asked for help looking for a job, thanks for everyone that help.(no one!, well at least no one told me.)I talked to my friend at my old work and asked her about a job that she use to have, so she gave me the name and I looked it up after about a week of having the name, I finally called and I went on there web site and filled out a app. The next day I get a call.WOW!So I went to a interview on Monday the 17th and they told me come back again for a orientation! So did I get the job well they said no, that they still can say no. What! So today I went for my orientation took a few test, like running across the room. Changing a dolls diaper And I passes!. I got the job. The best part of the job ,I get to pick my own hours. LOve it!SO know you are probably wondering what the job is since I had to run across the room. I will be a caregiver for kids with special needs.My first day on the job is this Wednesday, and I am so excited.Even more exciting is that the" client"
lives like 2 minutes away.So I can wait till Wednesday to meet him.wish me luck!